Working together: the benefits of trade associations

Cambridge Scaffolding - Working together: the benefits of trade associations

It doesn't matter what industry you're in and what skills you want to improve. Everyone benefits from sharing ideas and techniques, as well as stories and information from the industry.

However, this is just one aspect of why trade associations can be so useful. Once the small fee is paid, members get access to all sorts of exclusive products, services and discounts. Members are also represented by experienced negotiators and spokespeople who will work on their behalf to improve pay, conditions and new opportunities.

Commercial scaffolding operatives are encouraged to join associations because they have also become an indicator of quality. In this post, we take a look at the enormous benefits of being a member of a trade association.


It's not easy to stay on top of rule changes. Regulations are tweaked and new ones are rolled out every year, as authorities work to make construction a safer industry for everyone. Some of these changes are made but not necessarily publicised. A trade association will help you keep on top of these alterations, as well as reports and best practices.

Good ideas spread fast in trade associations. If someone comes up with a new innovation, they’re likely to share it with their contacts at trade associations.

A badge of honour

Winning the trust of your clients means working to an impeccable standard on every project. This is extremely useful when trying to secure new business and advertise yourself - particularly in the age of online reviews. People want to know that you’re not a cowboy, and reputation is key.

However, letting people know that you’re a part of a trade association sends a powerful message. A verified member of a prominent trade association can be trusted to do a great job.

Communication and networking

Trade associations receive thousands of requests every year from potential clients looking for quality tradespeople. These opportunities are passed onto the right companies, connecting professionals with clients. However, trade associations also set up the chance to talk to other, like-minded professionals in your industry. You can share business opportunities, skills and information with each other, creating a better and more sustainable source of work.

Scaffolders in the UK are fortunate to have a wide variety of trade associations to join. There are some more general associations for construction workers, but there are several specific associations for scaffolding. The two largest associations are the NASC and the Scaffolding Association, and both offer a number of helpful services and opportunities for scaffolders. The cost of membership is low compared to the upsides of joining. In addition, since associations are often linked with one another you may able to find other types of tradespeople, like electricians or construction workers, through your own association’s contacts.

If you’re curious about trade associations or you’re after a trade association-endorsed scaffolding company, look no further. Get in touch with a friendly member of our team today.

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