A few things to remember about scaffolding

Cambridge Scaffolding - A few things to remember about scaffolding

Modern construction can be as ambitious as possible thanks to scaffolding. We are able to build all manner of different buildings, as well as properly maintain the classic architecture this country is famous for.

However, it needs to be treated with respect and care - working at height is still one of the most dangerous activities on any building site. Whether it’s an interior restoration job or a tower block building project, here are some good things to remember when working with scaffolding.

Proper training

Your workers should feel confident that they’re safe when they’re several storeys up. As part of HSE’s efforts to make it safer to work at height, it’s imperative that your workers are educated in best practices for working with scaffolding. There are classes held all over the country that will teach how to prevent accidents, follow safety procedures and how to use important equipment like harnesses.

If your scaffolding is going to be installed to a height of 10 feet or above, it is necessary to install guardrails on all sides of the scaffold that don’t actually face the building being worked on.

Licensing and inspection

The company you ultimately choose to provide your scaffolding will need to be recognised professionals. Check out their background before you sign on the dotted line. You could even get in contact with any of their past customers for references to confirm the quality of their work.

Scaffolding also needs to undergo thorough, regular inspections. It will need to be inspected after its been assembled, before work can start. It then needs to be inspected once a week, each week for the duration of the project.

A respectable scaffolding company will insist on these checks. It’s for the safety of your workers, first and foremost. Bad weather, like the fierce winds we’ve had recently, has the potential to loosen or damage scaffolding. You need to keep an eye on it.

The public

If the project you’re working on is on a public thoroughfare or otherwise means working close to members of the public, you’ll need to take this into account. Your scaffolding needs to have proper access control at all times of the day, but particularly during the night hours or when the building site is otherwise empty. It’s been known for adventurous people to try their hand at climbing the scaffolding, so make sure it’s properly secured before people leave at the end of the day.

Additionally, you may need to install netting or equivalent to prevent any falling debris and tools from reaching street level. This kind of thing can cause a lot of damage, both to people and property, so keep in mind at all times when planning where your scaffolding will be assembled.

We’re the experts when it comes to scaffolding of all shapes and sizes. Why not find out today by calling one of our friendly team for a chat? Your scaffolding is not something to be taken lightly, and with years of experience we’ve seen just about everything.

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