March Scaffolding
in a Fenland market town

A Fenland market town, March is one of Cambridgeshire’s earliest settlements, growing quickly in the early Norman period. Located in the Isle of Ely area, surrounded by marshes, the town of March is distinct, with its myriad canals and major rail access sustaining its popularity.

Its architecture is a beautiful blend of ancient and contemporary. Its most prestigious gem is St Wendreda's Church, known for its magnificent and highly elaborate double-hammer beam roof, with 120 carved angels, regarded as one of the best of its kind. One of England’s most beloved poets, John Betjeman, described the church as, "Worth cycling 40 miles in a head wind to see". As the centuries have gone by, the people of March have become very proud of their architectural heritage.

As one of Cambridgeshire’s premier scaffolding services, Cambridge Scaffolding is pleased to serve the people of March. We ensure their building and renovation projects can be undertaken with the knowledge that they are using quality-assured, safe scaffolding.

Scaffolding Preparation

Preparation is the key to any successful scaffolding project. With safety and peace of mind for our clients as our primary goal, we cover a range of areas so that we can construct the best scaffolding for you:

  • One of our biggest points to sort out is deciding the type of access onto the scaffold, so for example staircase, ladder bay, external ladders etc.
  • Whether or not there is a requirement for sheeting, netting, or brick guards
  • Taking into consideration any specific requirements or provisions eg pedestrian walkway, restriction on tie locations, inclusion/provision for mechanical handling plant eg hoist).
  • Analysing the nature of the ground conditions or supporting structure.
  • Gathering information on the structure/building the scaffold will be erected against together with any relevant dimensions and drawings.
  • Deciphering if there may be any restrictions that may affect the erection, alteration or dismantling process.

Once this process is complete, we can then give you the specific information about the scaffolding, which will include:

  • The type of scaffold required (so for example tube & fitting or system)
  • The maximum bay lengths
  • The maximum lift heights
  • The specifics of platform boarding arrangement (ie 5 + 2) and the number of boarded lifts that can be used at any one time
  • Safe working load / load class
  • Maximum leg loads
  • Maximum tie spacing both horizontal and vertical and tie duty
  • Details of additional elements such as beamed bridges, fans, loading bays etc, which may be a standard configuration (see note 1 ref TG20:13) or specially designed
  • Information can be included in relevant drawings if appropriate
  • Any other information relevant to the design, installation or use of the scaffold
  • Reference number, date etc. to enable recording, referencing and checking

After we have presented you this list, we can then go ahead and construct your scaffolding. If you have any questions relating to a scaffolding project in the March area, then please get in touch and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

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