The benefits of greater diversity in construction and scaffolding: How to improve diversity

Cambridge Scaffolding - The benefits of greater diversity in construction and scaffolding: How to improve diversity

In our last post, we explored the many benefits of improving diversity within your construction of scaffolding team. Key among the benefits are that a diversified team tends to perform far better than competitors - bring in more money for scaffolding teams. This expands your customer base and skyrockets you profits. 

Teams including more women and well-representing people of each ethnicity is a great way to build your business and show yourself a leading company in forward thinking and integrity-driven business practices. 

We know the benefits of a more diversified team are many, but how can we go about improving diversity in the field? In this blog post, we lay out some key ideas we can implement to help improve diversity in the field. 

Defining Our Terms 

Diversity in construction covers several key groups: 

  1. LGBTQ community. LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and queer (queer represents people who are questioning their sexual idendity). 
  2. Women 
  3. People from a range of racial backgrounds 
  4. People who have a disability 
  5. Age: people of all different age ranges, who are of responsible, working age and who are fit for work.
  6. The government puts legislation in place to avoid discrimination of the above groups within the industry, and also prohibits discrimination based on marital status and whether or not someone is pregnant or has just had a baby. 

It is important that each of these groups are represented well within the construction industry, which has traditionally been made up of white, straight, able-bodied men. While diversity can be a sensitive and emotional topic for many people, a more diversified team represents all people who wish to work in the industry and can help grow your business and your income year on year. 

Bosses and Supervisors of Scaffolding Teams: Be Known for Your Integrity in the Workplace 

As the head of a scaffolding or construction team, there are a number of things you can to support diversity among your team. First and foremost, you can support diversity by branching out in your hiring practices – to hire members from minority groups. Think broadly and consider every person on the above list when it comes to hiring new members for your team, to ensure that everyone is well represented. 

You can enhance this supportive atmosphere further by being a strong leader with integrity, who seeks to create a culture of respect in which bullying, harassment, or other derogatory behaviour isn’t tolerated. 

A Stronger Business

We hope you found this post on improving diversity within the construction industry helpful as a supervisor or boss of a construction or scaffolding team  In our next post, we’ll explore how diversity can be improved within the construction and scaffolding sector by team members themselves.

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