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Although bungalows were once easier to find, their availability has become more limited in recent years. As a result, odds are you live in a house of two storeys or more. This increased height brings with it an extra challenge—how do you go about painting the outside of your house, especially the upper floors?

Many of us have difficulty accessing parts of our homes, with natural barriers like hedges or trees making it nigh impossible to even position a ladder in the right spot. It may be that scaffolding is required to complete the job.

Going solo

Many homeowners prefer to save money wherever they can. This means they will try to paint their own homes, both inside and out. But it can be a daunting task, as explained by Sunset Ladders:

“Maybe you're painting the interior of your home and you have walls that go up to 20 or 30 feet in height. A long ladder can be difficult to manoeuvre in and out of your home and won't provide the solid surface of scaffolding. When you rent scaffolding, you'll be able to bring it in one piece at a time and set it up where you need it.”

Ladders can also be difficult to use, since most people do not have much experience. Working at height can be disorienting and challenging. Adding a paint brush and a can of paint will make things even more challenging, with the added weight potentially unbalancing a novice.

Some people try to forgo ladders altogether, using an extension pole to try and paint the house from the ground. It's very unlikely that this would produce a satisfactory outcome, since it's nigh impossible to maintain accuracy and precision on the end of a three or four metre pole.

Adding scaffolding

One of the hidden benefits of using scaffolding it the enormous time saving advantage. When using a ladder, painters will be limited by their reach and balance. This inevitably means having to climb down and move the ladder, then climbing back up again. This repetitive task will potentially add hours onto any project.

There are also health and safety considerations to take into account. If you've decided to hire a painter or painting team, they will probably require scaffolding. If someone should get injured because they did not have the right equipment, it can lead to all sorts of legal headaches.

Scaffolding allows painters great access to every part of your exterior walls, meaning they're able to do a thorough job in a much shorter space of time. Painting needs preparation, it's usually the case that walls need to be cleaned, brushed, and treated before brush ever meets paint. This is a much more difficult task using a ladder and someone holding it steady on the ground.

For more information on how scaffolding could save you time and money when painting your house, take a look around our site - or get in touch with a member of our team today.

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