The benefits of greater diversity in construction and scaffolding

Cambridge Scaffolding - The benefits of greater diversity in construction and scaffolding

Construction and scaffolding are best known as a working man’s job, and the field can sometimes suffer from lack of diversity and inclusion. As with all sectors of work, diversity and inclusion is an important issue, as new roles are providing for every person within society.

Beyond the ethical benefits of improving diversity in the field, there are also a number of economic and social benefits to developing a more diversified culture within the field of construction and scaffolding. Below, explore the benefits offered by working towards a more diverse construction or scaffolding team.

A Better Team Means Better Performances Thanks to Diversity

Many studies show that the more diversified your team, the better it performs. Different people have different life experiences that can contribute to new ways of approaching a problem and can provide new solutions in a team used to doing things a certain way. As noted by the National Centre for Diversity:

“We know that diversity is a key driver of innovation. Research has shown this to be the case time and time again, including this report from McKinsey that shows that gender-diverse companies are 14% more likely to perform better than non-diverse companies, with ethnically diverse companies 35% more likely to perform better.”

You’ll Make More Money From a More Diverse Team

As a scaffolding or construction business, how would you like to build you profits? One simple way to do this is by ensuring you have a more diversified team behind you.

Diversified teams, those with both men and women and teams that include a mix of different ethnicities see their profits soar. McKinsey reports that diverse scaffolding and construction teams outdo their competitors and bring in more profits - up to 33%.

You’ll Appeal to More Customers

One of the biggest draws of having a more diversified team is that you’ll appeal to a broader set of customers. For example, a female customer may feel a lot more comfortable and safe with a team made up of male and female members - as it shows the team has respect and confidence in both women and men.

The same would be true when appealing to customers of different ethnicity. Customers like to feel well represented and confident that someone can understand the concerns and worries that are experienced by people of their ethnicity, gender, or orientation.

In addition, you’ll also immediately show that you are an ethical and socially aware business that is inclusive to all kinds of people - not just one group.

Becoming More Inclusive as a Construction or Scaffolding Team

More and more teams in the scaffolding and construction sectors are becoming more and more diversified as they recognize the many social, ethical, and economic benefits of doing so. As a scaffolding or construction company, you don’t want to be left behind by your forward thinking competitors.

But how do you go about building a more diversified scaffolding and construction industry? Stay tuned for our advice on how to do this on both the individual and societal level.

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