5 Uses for Commercial Scaffolding

Cambridge Scaffolding - 5 Uses for Commercial Scaffolding

There are several uses for commercial scaffolding that you may not have considered. From events to renovations, in this blog post, we cover the top uses for commercial scaffolding. Read on for more details.


Many businesses utilise scaffolding in events. Scaffolding is often used to support grand-scale events. Scaffolds are easy to use in a variety of situations. Scaffolding is easy to transport and can be put up and taken down easily, making it perfect for temporary events. Expertly placed scaffolding is strong and reliable and can be used to ensure your events go down without any issues.

One use for a commercial client may be utilising scaffolding for a fundraising concert in which scaffolds are required to help support lighting, stages, and more.

Point Access Limited explores how you can use scaffolding at events:

“If an event is particularly popular then a temporary grandstand might be added, and scaffolding can support a full range of facilities, from toilets to extra seating and bars. Like concerts, a sporting event might also need scaffolding to support lights, cameras or speakers.”


One obvious use of scaffolding for commercial clients is the use of scaffolding for construction needs. Despite new innovations in the construction industry, scaffolding is still the go-to resource for many leading commercial business owners. Scaffolding is one of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective ways to undertake construction work on your building.

Temporary seating

Scaffolding is regularly put up at events for extensive seating for large crowds of people. Temporary seating you see at games events, such as a hockey or football game is a prime example of how scaffolding is used for seating at events.


In addition, scaffolding can also be used to give your advertising a boost: improving your reach and the number of leads and conversions you generate for your business.

You can place your posters or other marketing materials on scaffolding to ensure its more easily seen by those you are trying to target. Scaffolding is a great choice if you are setting up for temporary events and need a large space to hang your advertising materials. Scaffolding is easy to set up and take down with the help of a professional, expert scaffolding team.

Repairs and Renovations

Scaffolding is regularly used to undertake renovations and repairs on commercial buildings. Buildings need regular maintenance to maintain its structure, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Scaffolding is thus regularly used to undertake maintenance work to maintain commercial buildings.

There are several types of scaffolding often used for commercial clients. For example, if the outside of a property is being painted, rolling scaffolding can be used to paint around the outside of the building by workers.

Alternatively, suspended scaffolding is - just as it sounds like - scaffolding the is hung securely from the roof of a property. Suspended scaffolding is ideal for roofing repairs or innovations on commercial buildings, as well as repairs and renovation work to be undertaken at the top of the building.

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